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Nicaragua , Tuesday 23 April 2019

News Nicaragua » Carazo: Nicaragua: one year after protests erupt, Ortega clings to power

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Publicated on: onday 15 April 2019

Photograph: Maynor Valenzuela/AFP/Getty Images Juana Lesarge’s three sons had packed their bags and borrowed $300 for their escape when police and hooded gunmen surrounded their grandmother’s home in ...

News Nicaragua » Carazo: 12 Defining Moments in Nicaragua’s Year-Long Crisis

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Publicated on: hursday 18 April 2019

“But April in Nicaragua is the month of death ... including Esteli, Leon, Carazo, and Monimbo – an Indigenous community in Masaya. All of them were Sandinista strongholds.

News Nicaragua » Carazo: The Hope of Harvesting

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Publicated on: Friday 07 December 2018

Farmer Miguel Zúñiga discusses the impacts of heavy rains in his corn field near La Paz de Carazo, Nicaragua. October in Nicaragua brings a creeping sense of anxiety. Over the last quarter century, it ...

News Nicaragua » Carazo: Nicaragua: Doctors, Health Workers Arbitrarily Fired

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Publicated on: uesday 07 August 2018

A doctor from Carazo, in southwestern Nicaragua, told Human Rights Watch his superior from the Health Ministry told him the health center he directed should only attend “our people,” apparently ...

News Nicaragua » Carazo: In the midst of repression, rebels youths flee Nicaragua to "save their skin"

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Publicated on: hursday 12 July 2018

The six Carazo rebels now hope to seek refuge from the Costa Rican government. Since the sociopolitical crisis spiralled out of control in Nicaragua, thousands have opted to flee the country. At the ...

News Nicaragua » Carazo: Haley: Nicaragua Risks Becoming Another Venezuela or Syria

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Publicated on: Wednesday 05 September 2018

Nicaragua's southern neighbor, Costa Rica, has seen a sharp increase in asylum-seekers since the political crisis began nearly five months ago. Ambassador Rodrigo Carazo told the council that his ...

News Nicaragua » Carazo: Bishops attacked by pro-government mob at basilica in Nicaragua

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Publicated on: uesday 10 July 2018

Managua, Nicaragua, Jul 10, 2018 / 04:01 ... a pastoral visit to the priests and faithful of the Carazo department, the victims of police, paramilitaries and crowds producing death and dolour.” ...

News Nicaragua » Carazo: At least 14 dead after raid by pro-government forces in southwest Nicaragua

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Publicated on: onday 09 July 2018

At least 14 people are dead after government and paramilitary forces clashed with protesters in southwest Nicaragua, according to a human ... in the department of Carazo, at 6 a.m. along with police. ...