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Nicaragua , Tuesday 21 May 2019

News Nicaragua » Health: Did NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Once Support the Sandinista Govt. in Nicaragua?

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Publicated on: onday 20 May 2019

at a decaying health clinic in Masaya, a small Nicaraguan city. Mr. de Blasio, bearded, gawky and cerebral, had arrived in the city as part of a 10-day tour of Nicaragua in 1988, the capstone of the ...

News Nicaragua » Health: ‘I Did My Best to Stop American Foreign Policy’: Bernie Sanders on the 1980s

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Publicated on: onday 20 May 2019

So this issue is not so much Nicaragua or the government of Nicaragua ... like the free provision of health care and the efficiency of mass transit. Do you still admire those aspects of the Soviet ...

News Nicaragua » Health: Brookline Sister City Project announces plans to bolster clean water access in Nicaragua

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Publicated on: onday 20 May 2019

We’ve continued with both the public health aspect but also just a basic need that people have,” she explained in a short interview. Reilley has taken several trips to Nicaragua in order to assess the ...

News Nicaragua » Health: Ortega Opposes Reparations to Victims of the Nicaragua Massacre

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Publicated on: Sunday 19 May 2019

The reparation of the victims is one of the three aspects on which transitional justice is based, which is what several national and international sectors suggest to be adopted in Nicaragua ... ...

News Nicaragua » Health: Nicaragua: The War of 2018

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Publicated on: Wednesday 15 May 2019

In addition to Nicaragua’s current and historical geo-strategic importance ... The daycare center, reproductive health center and women’s dormitories were vandalized. The leader of the UPOLI student ...

News Nicaragua » Health: Mayor and ‘Foreign Minister’: How Bernie Sanders Brought the Cold War to Burlington

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Publicated on: Friday 17 May 2019

Before visiting Nicaragua in 1985, he had already championed a city referendum ... He noted that the quality of health care and housing was “significantly better” in the United States, but also less ...

News Nicaragua » Health: 12 Defining Moments in Nicaragua’s Year-Long Crisis

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Publicated on: hursday 18 April 2019

“But April in Nicaragua is the month of death ... Cruz was shot in the leg several times and was hospitalized until his health improved, which is when he was translated to a prison. ...

News Nicaragua » Health: How A "Vital Station" Is Motivating Nicaraguans To Care About Their Health

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Publicated on: Wednesday 27 March 2019

In the next year, Estación Vital will install five more kiosks in Nicaragua. Marcos also plans to offer low-cost health and life insurance and to add a membership program that will give access to many ...

News Nicaragua » Health: PAHO mobilizes antidote from Nicaragua to Honduras to save the life of teen bitten by a black widow spider

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Publicated on: hursday 28 February 2019

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (Minsa) was the first to offer the antidote. Following extensive coordination between Honduras and Nicaragua, at 1.50pm, Nicaraguan authorities authorized the ...

News Nicaragua » Health: Exile: The Price for Defending the People in Nicaragua

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Publicated on: Saturday 11 May 2019

Nicaragua will once again be a republic ... Exile divides. Exile is carrying many health problems, it creates an emotional imbalance,” she confesses. For those who flee and leave their families in the ...

News Nicaragua » Health: Supplies From Relief Organizations : Medical Aid Leaving Santa Ana for Nicaragua

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Publicated on: uesday 09 April 2019

Walden said the relief group was encouraged to send supplies after organizing a fact-finding group of 16 physicians and health officials to Nicaragua. The doctors described a well-organized system of ...

News Nicaragua » Health: Nicaragua to Free Accused U.S. Spy Because of Health

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Publicated on: Sunday 07 April 2019

The brother of Rep. Tony P. Hall (D-Ohio), held by Nicaragua's leftist government on espionage charges for more than a month, will be released without trial, the congressman said in a statement Monday ...