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Nicaragua , Tuesday 21 May 2019

News Nicaragua » Music: Carly Rae Jepsen: “I Wanted to Be Able to Write About the Confusing Parts of Love”

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Publicated on: onday 20 May 2019

And then I went to Nicaragua. I was invited to a writer’s camp pretty soon ... doing it because it’s the music that you’re passionate about. When I first put out Emotion, I was pretty sure no one ...

News Nicaragua » Music: How Carly Rae Jepsen Whittled 200 Songs Down to a 15-Track Album in 10 (Not-So-Easy) Steps

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Publicated on: Friday 17 May 2019

Jepsen, 33, spent the past few years traveling all over the world -- Los Angeles, New York, Stockholm, a beach town in Nicaragua -- writing and recording ... let’s talk over the music.’ When you find ...

News Nicaragua » Music: 'It's more than politics, it's family' | DJ Carnage shares family's immigrant story in new video

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Publicated on: hursday 09 May 2019

Carnage is a famous hip-hop and electronic music DJ and producer. He now joins artists like ... Letting People Go' is a journey of a family fleeing Nicaragua and a family with hard-working parents, ...

News Nicaragua » Music: Nicaraguan unrest: St Andrews-raised musician Clara Curteis returns to Fife with launch of ‘protest songs’ album

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Publicated on: Friday 10 May 2019

Deciding early on that she wanted to pursue a career in music, she went on to study at Kings College, London – graduating when she was 21. However, it was a “life changing” trip to Nicaragua when she ...

News Nicaragua » Music: My luxury life: Nikki Beach CEO Lucia Penrod reveals her favourite things, places and people

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Publicated on: Saturday 11 May 2019

Born and raised in Nicaragua, the chief executive of Nikki Beach Worldwide ... I can hear the waves and the music, and Jimmy the sax player. I would say that’s the most incredible experience for me. ...

News Nicaragua » Music: Ortega Meets Opposition Activists In Nicaragua

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Publicated on: hursday 28 February 2019

In Nicaragua, there appears to be some movement in the nearly ... the government of Daniel Ortega have met since talks broke down last summer. (SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC) KAHN: Yesterday, participants began ...

News Nicaragua » Music: Music and migration: The struggles of Ceshia Ubau

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Publicated on: Sunday 06 January 2019

At least two musicians have been imprisoned, and dozens of artists have left Nicaragua due to threats and persecution. Among them is Ubau, who at 20 years old emigrated to Costa Rica under the fear of ...

News Nicaragua » Music: Good Morning, News: Victory for France, Tragedy for Nicaragua, Torture Music for Portland Protesters

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Publicated on: onday 16 July 2018

France won the World Cup! Not only did it produce this glorious photo of President Emmanuel Macron, but it was seen as a sweeping win for immigrants across the globe. Sixteen of the 23 players on ...

News Nicaragua » Music: Elliott Abrams Must Now Face the Music on Nicaragua, and Congress Is Calling the Tune

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Publicated on: Saturday 26 May 2018

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News Nicaragua » Music: 6 Reasons Why Nicaragua is Perfect for Me

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Publicated on: onday 28 August 2017

Here’s why: 1. The Freedom to Live as You Want Nicaragua allows you to live the life you want to lead, not the life that the people around you say you should have. You can play your music whenever you ...

News Nicaragua » Music: Calibre 50 dedicates Latin Billboard award to Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela

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Publicated on: hursday 26 April 2018

"We just want love, we want peace -- we want the music to flow." Muñoz words come just days after mass protests rocked Nicaragua after people took to the streets to protest increased taxes combined ...

News Nicaragua » Music: Chase Rice 2019 Country Radio Seminar In Nashville

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Publicated on: Friday 10 May 2019

ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante sits down with country music singer-songwriter Chase Rice at the 2019 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, where he opens up about being a runner-up on season 21 of ...